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Equipment You Cannot Do Without In A Food Business

No food business should operate without a refrigerator. Nature is the place you can find bacteria. Favorable temperatures and moisture filled places are areas you can find bacteria. Areas like these cause them to multiply quickly. Huge numbers of bacteria can cause one to become severely sick.

The most commonly known types of bacteria are pathogenic and spoilage bacteria. To avoid foodborne sickness, beware of pathogenic bacteria. When your food in the fridge slowly goes bad it is because of spoilage bacteria which causes food to develop bad odors, textures and tastes. One cannot detect pathogens in food. Spoilage bacteria likes to grow at low temperatures in the refrigerator. If you leave your food on the counter, don’t trust that it will be fine. Food stored in the refrigerator and freezer loses quality but is less likely to make anyone sick. One may unsuspect that bacteria will thrive at cold temperatures and multiply in their refrigerator with time and end up causing them illness.

Temperatures between 40 and 140 ?F are perfect for bacteria growth. This is called the danger zone. Did you know that bacteria can double in 20 minutes? Set your refrigerator at 40 ?F or below to protect your food. A convenient preservation method is refrigeration which slows the growth of bacteria. Refrigerators have features that include built-in thermometers for the measurement of their internal temperatures.

Vegetables and fruits require different humidity levels. Fruits and vegetables need sealed drawers. Some refrigerators allow for control of humidity levels. It is a good idea to seal poultry, beef, and seafood in containers. Prevent juices from leaking to other foods through tight wraps.

Air conditioning in a restaurant will prevent temperatures from rising too high in your house and kitchen. Air conditioning controls humidity levels which in turn affects how people function and the food in a restaurant. Good air quality is not only important to customers but to staff as well. Low temperatures caused by air conditioners prevent dehydration of food and people. To please your customers and guests, have a cool atmosphere that they can enjoy. Open windows to let fresh air in after using your air conditioner for long. Investing in a good air conditioner and fridge are good for business in the long run. The last thing a restaurant owner would like is to have equipment that breaks down on them when they are busy. Budget and buy a quality air conditioner and refrigerator. Shop online or visit physical supply stores. You can know the different brands and their features by researching online.

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