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Important Things To Know Before Signing Your Rental Car Contract

It is very important that you know what is contained in the contract that you are signing before taking your rental car away. Think first about who will be responsible if the car gets damaged under your care; if it gets involved in a car accident, or if it simply gets scratched, will the rental car owner charge you for everything? So don’t sign the contract before you have answers to these issues which are really important ones.

One of the things that you will be asked before you pick up the rental car keys is whether or not you want to purchase the rental agency’s insurance policy. Many car renters don’t want more expenses so they simply turn down the offer without realizing its importance. Who then would be responsible if something happens to your rental car while it is with you? The responsibility lies on you if you have no insurance.

However, it does not mean that you need the rental car company’s insurance policy. Having your own insurance policy can spare you if they have coverage on rental cars. If your insurance company offers full coverage on rental cars, then everything is taken care of.

You need to check on your insurance company if there are insurance charges if you paid your rental car with your credit card information. Most of them will automatically put rental car insurance on the cars that are rented using their cards.

If you do not have insurance on either of these sources, then you need to consider buying it. You also have to keep in mind that you will not only pay for the damages to the rental car if you are in an accident but you also have to pay for the lost time on that car. IF the repair takes three days, then you need to pay additional three days rental since the rental car owner will not make money on that car during those days it is being repaired.

You can get a rental car damaged even without getting involved in an accident. Getting the car scratched means extra charges for you. Be sure to inspect the car thoroughly before driving it off the rental car lot. You contract should reflect the damages or the scratches found on the car before your took it out of their garage.

When all is said and done, you might think that you know how much the rental car will cost. But you will certainly be surprise if you find additional charges in your final bill. This will include rental car taxes.

You may also be charged for gas. Some rental car companies charge a flat fee for gas and instruct their renter to return the car close to empty. Others will require you to return your car with full gas but will not charge you gas fees.

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