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Mothers do Extra Work Just for their Kids.

When one becomes a mother it means they have to get up and do whatever they can to ensure that the kids get shelter and food and they have something to celebrate at the end of the day. When a woman is determined to provide for their kids they are not shy of what they do, they are not shy of the neighbors who they go round selling anything that to them will bring profit and give them the warmth to provide for their babies.

Against all odds when a woman is faced with the struggle to raise her kids and also do what they are supposed to do so as to ensure that they are well fed the best thing they can do is squeeze time for themselves and the babies. Some will wake up early and go to their computers sit down and write until they are unable to stand up, but they have to be there until late in the night so that they can make enough for their kids and themselves too.

The world can do nothing better than appreciating the role of a mother both to the society and also to their loving kids. Social media must be your friend as a mom you will use whatever gadget you have to make ends meet, get yourself glued to it so as not to let a penny pass you but still keep an eye on the baby.

One of the thing that will pain a mother to the heart is the fact that they will be disconnected to their babies for work, some too young that all they can do is cry, but it has to be that way, it is part of a mother’s life, and they don’t do it because they don’t mean well for their children. Having kids to her is a blessing that will come with a lot of sweating and sacrifice to do, she wakes up on new bills that are unsettled, and it’s her to take care of them, she will have to feed the kids in the house and herself too just because of the love she has for the babies.

A decent job to her has no meaning at all since whether she is going to work or not she still needs to wake up early to clean the house, everything in the house is hers to wash, and she has to do it before the alarm to start heading back to work rings. It is much of a hustle for every woman out there especially when they have a baby or babies to worry about but they are strong they need to do that.