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Atomic Web Design: Making Website Creation Easier and Faster

It is not easy to come up with a cohesive website. This is even made more complicated as new design approaches and methods are being introduced to the virtual world. What you might have created is no longer the latest trend as a new methodology has been introduced in web designing. You may be in today, but the next day, your design is already outdated.

Web developers are also very innovative with their work. It could be that two developers working on one project might not agree on how the work is being done. This level of innovativeness makes it difficult for multiple developers to easily agree and collaborate when working on one big project.

An emerging approach in web design called atomic design is making it easier to come up with a cohesive website. It is a methodology that intends to make the creation process faster and easier for everyone involved in the project.

An atomic design approach is grounded on the concept of creating a hierarchy of reusable components. These components are divided into five stages referred to as logical interface design system: atoms, molecules, organisms, templates, and pages. These levels refer to the different parts of a website. If you are to take apart a website, you can see the different components involved.

This approach of web designing eliminates the need to go back to the drawing board when you feel that an element in the website is out of place and needs to be replaced. Because the components are already available, you simply choose which one to replace the element that is in question. This cuts back on the time spent in making style decisions.

Diagrams can be used to check the possible outcome of the pages created and it can combine the available atoms and molecules of the project. Diagrams are software that is developed by companies like Slickplan. Anyone in the development team gains visibility of how the project is shaping up.

Combining the discipline of atomic design and the software offered by companies like Slickplan, web developers are able to control the number of components they design. This is a good way to streamline the process and it also saves time and effort of everyone. Whenever it is that website owners feel the need to do some modifications on their pages, they can easily go over the available components. The available output can be saved in a database, which is very easy to use since it’s searchable.

With atomic design there is consistency in the codes used by the developers in the team. With this strategy, business owners can act fast and easily make their website go live.